Annuities have many advantages over traditional methods of accumulating wealth or maintaining your retirement savings without risk.

You can enjoy peace of mind with these exceptional benefits:

  • You have the opportunity to have interest accumulation based on a formula linked in part to the S & P 500 Composite stock index.

  • Your credited gains are locked in each year.

  • Your financial outlay is never exposed to market risk and is never reduced because of market fluctuation.

  • You enjoy an increase, if any, based on the S & P 500 Index monthly average or monthly index changes over each policy year according to your allocation percentage

  • Tax advantages also play a major role in and Annuity. Because income taxes are deferred until funds are withdrawn, interest is earned on dollars that might otherwise be paid in taxes. This results in greater financial growth than might be possible in a taxable savings instrument.

Take advantage of the many benefits of an annuity to meet your financial goals now and in the future.